Prices & Courses
Pre-CBT "Try a bike session" for novices. 3 hours £80
CBT (Compusory Basic Training) cost: £149

If you wish to progress to a full licence, training will be structured to individual needs depending on experience and ability.
Don't worry about choosing "the right course"

We operate a pay as you go policy of customised personal training, so you get exactly the right amount of riding time you need, and you will never pay too much.

Standard charge

Morning session


All day


All courses start at 9:30AM

Bike and instructor attending on test day:
  • Module 1: From £60 plus test fee £15.50
  • Module 2: From £80 plus test fee £75

We also train for A1: light bike and AM moped

*All prices include insurance bike and equipment hire.
No deposit required no cancellation charges.

Special course

If you have not ridden for some time and wish to get "back to biking" we have a customized "Rusty Rider" course specially designed for the returning bike lover

Call the booking line now for full details

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